Elders learning English for Europe

Project information:

The partnership is made up of organizations from Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal and Turkey. The partnership includes three adult training centers with experience in language teaching and two organizations specializing in the development of innovations at the technological, social or cultural level.

Project goal:

Improving and extending the offer of high-quality educational offer tailored to the needs of older people, so that they improve their multilingual skills (learning English) and digital skills.

Target group:

Teachers/employees supporting the teaching of foreign languages ​​to older people. Older people interested in learning foreign languages ​​and having a low level of English.



User needs analysis

Completion of the questionnaires should take approximately 5 - 10 minutes and will help to implement 'Elder Learning English for Europe” in a better way and taking into account the needs of stakeholders. The objectives of our project are: To improve and extend the offer of high-quality, tailored learning opportunities to the needs of older people in order to improve their multilingual skills (learning English) and digital skills; Expanding and developing the skills of trainers and other employees

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Newsletters / Press release / Raporty

Newsletter Broszura Ewaluacja sytuacyjna-kurs


Situated learning methodology Elders learning English for Europe_ TR case Elders learning English for Europe_ PL case

Elders learning English for Europe_ PT case Flipbook - v1 Situated learning Methodology translations


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